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Think twice before buying a rabbit or chick for Easter

April 15 2014

Bunny at Animal Control

The Easter season will come and go but pets like bunnies and chicks are a long term commitment. Think twice about buying a rabbit or chick as a gift for Easter.

Pets need care to survive

Unlike toys, live rabbits and chicks require as much care as dogs or cats.

About 80 per cent of rabbits purchased as Easter gifts end up abandoned on the streets or at shelters, and around 30 per cent of chicks die within weeks from lack of proper care and stress. Another 60 to 70 per cent of chicks end up at shelters.

Pet rabbits are different from the wild rabbits you see outdoors

Rabbits need to live indoors to be safe from diseases and predators. Pet rabbits cannot be set free outdoors. Unlike wild rabbits, they need to be cared for to survive. If you need to find your pet rabbit a new home, take it to the SPCA or Humane Society.

There are rules for owning backyard chickens

Chickens need proper housing and are better off in the company of other hens. The City has regulations for keeping backyard chickens. Learn the rules and proper care:

If you still want to get a rabbit or chicken, do your research and visit a local shelter to find your new pet.