Unlimited leaf collection program underway

Help keep storm drains clear

Raking leaves
October 11 2013 –

Now’s the time to clean up autumn leaves from yards, sidewalks and boulevards and add them to your green (yard trimmings) bin. The City of Vancouver has lifted restrictions on the amount of yard trimmings it picks up per household, and until January 31, crews will collect unlimited quantities of leaves as part of the yard trimmings collection program.

What to do with extra leaves

If your green bin is full, extra leaves can be placed in a standard store-bought garbage bin or in biodegradable paper bags. Please do not use plastic bags – even those labeled biodegradable. Leaves set out in plastic bags will not be picked up by collections staff as these bags are oil based and will contaminate compost. The Vancouver Landfill collects the leaves and creates compost to be used by gardeners, commercial landscapers and municipalities.

Keeping streets clear of leaves

Homeowners, renters and businesses are asked to help prevent street and property flooding by taking a few minutes to clear leaves away from alleys, streets and curb-side drains. Please don’t rake, blow or toss leaves onto the street where they can become slippery, make stopping challenging for cyclists and motorists, or cause pedestrians to slip and fall. Note that dumping leaves on city boulevards and city property, including parks, amounts to illegal dumping, which is punishable by a fine of up to $2000.

Moving your vehicle

Because there’s additional material to pick up, City crews will post No Parking signs on collection day to ensure they can access the green bins and bags. If you don’t move your vehicle it may be towed a short distance (likely around the corner).

View guidelines on the City’s leaf collection service

Seasonal leaf collection

Put leaves into your Green Bin for collection. If you have extra, add them to paper yard waste bags for pickup on designated weekends in fall and winter.