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Got leaves? - Unlimited leaf collection

November 4 2013

Fall leaves in park

Residences who receive Green Bin collection services can set out an unlimited quantity of leaves for pickup from October 1 to January 31.


  • Do not rake or blow leaves into the street.
  • Move your vehicle off the street if the City's leaf removal crews post temporary no-parking signs on your block.
  • Fill up your Green Bin with leaves first. Additional leaves can be placed in a store-bought garbage can or biodegradable paper bag.
  • Do not put your leaves in your garbage cart.
  • Do not put your leaves in plastic bags. They will not be collected.

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Prepare leaves for City of Vancouver collection programs

Seasonal leaf collection

Put leaves into your Green Bin for collection. If you have extra, add them to paper yard waste bags for pickup on designated weekends in fall and winter.