Unofficial results from the 2018 Vancouver city election

Outside Broadway - Commercial SkyTrain station with caption: Vancouver votes
October 21 2018 –

Vancouver voters have elected 27 people to public office following the preliminary count of 2018 city election ballots. 

Approximately 176,744 ballots were cast and voter turn-out is estimated to be about 39.43%. 158 candidates ran in races for mayor, councillor, Park Board commissioner, and school trustee. 

The official election results will be declared by the Chief Election Officer by October 24, 2018. The unofficial results are as follows:


(Vote for 1)

Candidate Party Votes
STEWART, Kennedy   49,812


(Vote for 10)

Candidate Party Votes
CARR, Adriane GREEN 69,885
FRY, Pete GREEN 61,925
DE GENOVA, Melissa NPA 53,324
SWANSON, Jean COPE 48,955
HARDWICK, Colleen NPA 47,811
WIEBE, Michael GREEN 45,700
BOYLE, Christine OneCity 45,529
DOMINATO, Lisa NPA 44,769
BLIGH, Rebecca
NPA 44,117
KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah NPA 43,646

Park Board commissioner

(Vote for 7)

Candidate Party Votes
MACKINNON, Stuart GREEN 73,718
DEMERS, Dave GREEN 73,326
DUMONT, Camil GREEN 65,447
COUPAR, John NPA 49,836
BARKER, Tricia NPA 48,831
IRWIN, John COPE 46,360

School trustee

(Vote for 9)

Candidate Party Votes
FRASER, Janet GREEN 75,237
GONZALEZ, Estrellita GREEN 58,540
REDDY, Jennifer OneCity 52,851
HANSON, Oliver NPA 49,991
BALLANTYNE, Fraser NPA 49,849
CHO, Carmen NPA 49,597
PARROTT, Barb COPE 48,276
WONG, Allan Vision Vancouver 47,378

Capital Plan

Vancouver voters also voted on three capital plan borrowing questions, which will provide infrastructure funding from 2019-2022. Unofficial results are below.

Question Yes votes No votes
Question 1: Transportation and technology 118,562 40,235
Question 2: Capital maintenance and renovation programs for existing community facilities, civic facilities, and parks 121,671 36,901
Question 3: Replacement of existing community facilities and civic facilities 108,742 49,466

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About the results

The voting results will be available for public inspection at the City's election office until November 23.

It is possible to seek a judicial recount in Provincial Court, and to challenge the right of an elected candidate to take office, or the validity of an election in B.C. Supreme Court.

The inauguration ceremony for the newly elected officials will take place November 5. Details will be released closer to that date.

Kids Vote

Young Vancouver residents also voted in a special Kids Vote program that took place during advance voting, on Saturday October 13 and Sunday October 14.

969 ballots were cast over two days, with voters sharing answers to three questions about city services and community participation. The top answers for each question are below. 

Question 1

In Vancouver, what is most important to you?

Top answer: Recreation: Parks, pools, community centres and playgrounds (231 votes, 28% of vote)

Question 2 

Which elected role would you like to have in Vancouver?

Top answer: Mayor (298 votes, 37% of vote)

Question 3 

What is one way you are active in your city?

Top answer: I play in the playgrounds, parks and pools (320 votes, 39% of vote)

My coffee, my vote competition

Vancouver residents also participated in a special #VancouverVotes coffee competition, voting online for their favourite Vancouver-inspired coffee from 7 local coffee shops.

Voting took place from October 1 to 20, and the drink that received the most votes is The Vanmewver from Catfe (63 votes, 32% of vote).