Update on City of Vancouver operations December 27th

December 27 2017

Snow on City Hall

We are starting to see snow move across the Lower Mainland now.

Snowfall amounts should be light, generally 2 to 5 cm. Starting later this afternoon however, this could change quickly.

Overnight City Sanitation crews have been on shift since 7:00pm until 7:00am this morning running salters. Street Operations crews took over at 7:00am running all available salters over City streets to proactively deal with anticipated snow falls.

Action plan for the day

Here's the proactive work we're currently doing today:

  • 26 trucks salting regular routes
  • 4 trucks dedicated to salting school and hospital areas
  • 4 trucks dedicated to priority hills: 3 salting and 1 brining
  • 3 vehicles dedicated to bikes routes and seawall: 2 salting and 1 brining
  • 4 trucks prepped to respond to trouble calls; also salting known leaks and hills
  • 12 crews hand salting bus stops and corner ramps, as well as checking that catch basins are clear
  • 4 Street Ops trucks salting laneways for Sanitation access
  • 6 Sanitation crews hand salting laneways for access

Residents are encouraged to check the weather often, anticipate snow falls and adjust travel times.