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Vancouver Park Board quenching trees’ thirst with new water bags

June 3 2015

In anticipation of a dry, hot summer, the Vancouver Park Board is testing slow-release water bags around the base of 500 newly-planted trees.

You're invited to fill these bags with water from your garden hose.

Help us water young trees in hot weather

Our crews water newly-planted trees for the first two years of their life and welcome your help during that time and after.

Please water street trees in front of your home and on your block throughout the summer.

Learn more ways to care for City trees

Extreme hot weather is especially damaging to newly-planted trees that are still establishing their root systems. Trees planted within the last five years – many with "water me" tags attached – would benefit most by watering at this time.

We're working to add 150,000 new trees by 2020

Last year, we planted 11,000 new trees (including 2,000 street trees) and are aiming to plant the same number this year.

Our city's urban forest has 140,000 street trees and 340,000 park trees, plus trees on private property.

The urban forest plays important environmental and social roles. It cleans the air, absorbs storm water, stores carbon, provides habitat, and improves our health and well-being.

Managing our street and park trees supports our Urban Forest Strategy. The strategy was created in 2011 as a priority item under the Greenest City Action Plan, with a specific target of planting 150,000 new trees by 2020.