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Vancouver participates in the first ever Buildings Day at COP21 in Paris

December 3 2015

Buildings downtown Southeast False Creek

Today, we participated in the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction’s first ever Buildings Day in Paris.

We are committed to working collectively with other organizations, governments, building and construction networks, funders and so on to help put Vancouver’s building and construction sector on the “below 2°C path”.

What is Buildings Day?

The first Buildings Day aims to:

  • Help put the buildings and construction sector on the “below 2 °C path”
  • Align existing initiatives, partnerships, commitments, and programs to achieve greater scale and increase the pace of efficiency actions
  • Catalysing stronger collaboration and targeting of sectoral and cross-sectoral climate action and solutions for all

Learn more about COP21, the Global ABC and the Buildings Action Day 

How we plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Over 56% of our greenhouse gas emissions are buildings and industry-related.

Our recently launched Renewable City Strategy, has made a target of being 100% renewable by 2050. As part of this strategy, we envision that 40% of all buildings will be built to a near net-zero standard by the year 2050. The buildings sector offers a cost-effective and practical path for reducing energy use, and increasing renewable energy use and supply. 

To mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, we:

  • Introduced a green building code in 2010, which was recognized in 2013 by the World Green Building Council as one of the best code of any jurisdiction in the world
  • Aim to require all buildings constructed from 2020 onward to be carbon neutral in operations as part of the world leading Greenest City Action Plan
  • Are working with global visionaries to lead the movement for sustainable living by joining the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

Vancouver’s green building policies and initiatives