View of downtown Vancouver over trees

Vancouver to launch a city-wide planning and consultation process this fall

This is a major opportunity for residents to get involved and plan their future together, and chart a course for how our city can continue to grow while helping to make life more affordable.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart

July 17 2019 –

Vancouver City Council has approved a city-wide planning and engagement process to launch in the fall of 2019.

The City will be seeking broad public input to create a City-wide Plan that considers the needs of all communities - current and future - in a positive and proactive way to collectively guide our future to 2050 and beyond.

The Plan is intended to address the social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of daily life, in addition to land-use and transportation planning while integrating key considerations of reconciliation, equity and resiliency.

"This is a major opportunity for residents to get involved and plan their future together, and chart a course for how our city can continue to grow while helping to make life more affordable," said Mayor Kennedy Stewart. "This plan will help us make sure that people can continue to live in the communities they love while welcoming in new neighbours."

The process will:

  • Ask the fundamental question: 'What kind of city do we want to become over the coming decades, and why?'
  • Acknowledge the colonial history of Vancouver, and the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations care and stewardship of this land
  • Broadly engage residents, workers, employers, institutions, non-profits, civic and neighbourhood groups throughout the city
  • Highlight key choices, trade-offs and strategies that will allow us to realize a shared vision for the future
  • Align with, and inform, existing planning and policy efforts at the City and by other regional agencies

"This is the first time in over 20 years that the City of Vancouver has undertaken a city-wide planning process, and it will be far more than planning future land use and transportation connections," said Gil Kelley, General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability. "While those are integral parts to any city plan, this strategic planning process will consider social well-being, economic health, environmental sustainability and cultural vibrancy while ensuring that all communities can be a part of collectively guiding our future."

A set of draft principles will guide the City's engagement approach, and staff will be seeking input from the public on these when the process begins in the fall. The principles include engaging our neighbourhoods and business sectors at a local and city-wide scale; ensuring that equity is built into the process; supporting community-led conversations and expertise; identifying collective values and priorities; engaging children and youth; and ensuring people have multiple ways to be involved, such as in-person, online or through surveys.

Areas expected to be covered by the City-wide Plan include the following (to be confirmed through public consultation):

  • Neighbourhood needs and growth
  • Housing affordability
  • Resiliency in the face of climate change and earthquakes
  • Harnessing technological transformations for enhanced livability and productivity;
  • Future of the economy and shared prosperity
  • Investments for improved mobility, housing options, infrastructure and equity and access to community amenities
  • Social cohesion and inclusion
  • Environmental systems including our greenspace and water networks
  • Enjoyable, well-designed gathering places
  • Ways to promote and express our unique arts and culture.

The process will be focused into the following key phases (tentative, and subject to refinement):

  • Fall 2019: Public launch of the planning process
  • Fall 2019 - Spring 2020: Listening to all voices to identify common values, key issues and guiding principles towards creating a long-term community vision
  • Spring 2020 - Winter 2021: Considering choices and trade-offs and developing Strategic Directions with the Community
  • Winter 2021 - Spring 2022: Drafting, refining, and finalizing the Plan