Verification of election results now underway

Close-up of City Hall with caption: Vancouver votes
October 22 2018 –

As per normal procedure, the Chief Election Officer must certify the final election results by 4pm Wednesday, October 24.

The Vancouver Charter  and the Election By-law set out the process for making this determination.

The Chief Election Officer wants to ensure that the certified results are accurate. 

How we certify the results

To ensure that the certified results are accurate, the Chief Election Officer is planning to verify the results from the voting places where there is a discrepancy between the ballot accounts and the results produced by the vote counting machines. 

This will be done by feeding all the ballots from those voting places into a vote counting machine. This process will begin today at 10:30am at the Election Office at 450 West Broadway. It is not known how long this process will last. All candidates or their representatives may attend while this process is underway.

After the results are reviewed, the Chief Election Officer will certify the final results in accordance with the Vancouver Charter and the Election By-law. All candidates will be notified before the final results are certified.

Official results

Official election results will then be released on October 24 by 4pm on the City website and through an information bulletin.