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Vote for Vancouver's permanent official City Bird

April 28 2017

Black-capped Chickadee

The popular City Bird election is taking flight once more. Voting begins on April 28 and will close on May 14. The winning bird will be announced as the permanent City Bird on May 16.

Previous elections were for the selection of an annual City Bird (2015 – Black Capped Chickadee, 2016 – Peregrine Falcon).

Vote for one of four local birds online and in-person at ballot boxes at:

  • Workshop venues such as Hillcrest Community Centre, Roundhouse Community Centre, Central Library, and the Stanley Park Ecology Society
  • City Hall
  • Park Board Administration Office

Meet, chat, and vote for the nominees

The 2017 nominees for an official permanent City Bird were generated by a public process called Words for Birds. Over 1,300 residents contributed words that reflect qualities of the people who call our city home. Vancouver bird experts then matched the qualities to four local birds:

  1. Anna’s Hummingbird
  2. Spotted Towhee
  3. Northern Flicker
  4. Varied Thrush

As part of the Vancouver Bird Week festivities, running from May 6 to 13, look out for the candidates at various bird events that will be taking place across the city.

You can also chat with the birds on Facebook Messenger: visit the City of Vancouver’s Facebook page External website and sending us a private message.

Meet the birds and vote

City Bird role

Once selected, the City Bird will:

  • Symbolize the importance of birds in our eco-system
  • Continue to build awareness of birds in the city
  • Encourage implementation of the Vancouver Bird Strategy which works to create conditions for native birds to thrive and is a pioneer in identifying, monitoring, protecting, and enhancing urban ecosystem services that contribute to biodiversity.

This election also begins the buildup of bird related enthusiasm which will crest in 2018 with the International Ornithological Congress and International Bird festival, a major ecological celebration and economic and tourism generator for the city.

The first election for the 2015 City Bird was an unprecedented success with over 708,000 votes cast online.