Voter tips and new tools for the 2018 Vancouver city election

Vancouver Votes - 2018 - City Hall
September 20 2018 –

For 2018, we’re encouraging voters to do their research about candidates, random ballots, and translated voter guides, plus new and enhanced election features that will make it easier for more residents to vote. 

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What voters need to know

Bundling of voter information cards

Voter information cards, which are sent to all registered voters, will be bundled by last name this year. This means everyone at the same address with the same last name will get their voter information cards in one envelope.

The cards are arriving in mailboxes this week. If the envelope arrives with multiple cards inside, ensure that all recipients in your household receive their cards. 

The bundling process provides significant postage savings and reduces production of additional envelopes. Many other Canadian cities bundle their voter cards in their current and previous elections, including Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, and Saanich. 

Printed voters’ guide available at community centres and libraries

Starting September 27, a printed voters’ guide will be available for pickup at Vancouver community centres and libraries.

The guide contains all key information about the election, including how and when to vote, the random order candidate list, candidate biographies, and the capital plan questions. 

Also available online on September 27:

  • Translated versions in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, French, and large print 
  • An audio version of the guide, reading all voter information except the candidate statements.
  • A form to order printed copies of the voter guide be mailed (also available by phoning 3-1-1) 

All information in the voters’ guide is also available online.

Names listed in random order on the ballot 

Candidates will be listed in random order, NOT alphabetical order, on the ballot this year. Every ballot will have the same random order candidate list.

The list will be decided by a draw on September 21 at 5pm, which can be watched live online.

The official random order candidate list will then be posted online and in the printed voters’ guide, and will be widely publicized.

To prepare for the random order list on the ballot, we recommend you:

  • Plan your vote in advance. The online Plan Your Vote tool is available from September 27 at, or you can use the worksheet in the voters’ guide.
  • Get to know the random order list, so you can mark your ballot correctly. The random order list can be found online and in the voters’ guide.
  • Leave plenty of time to vote. Consider voting in advance from October 10 to 17, as wait times will be shorter.

Plan Your Vote tool available 

Starting September 27, the City’s Plan Your Vote tool will be available online, allowing voters to:

  • Easily view candidates in alphabetical and random ballot order.
  • Pick candidates, a date, and a place to vote. 
  • Print your plan, or email it to yourself, with candidates displayed in the order that will be shown on the ballot.
  • Set a reminder to vote.
  • Take your plan to the voting place with you. 

The tool has been reviewed and upgraded to increase accessibility for those with visual impairments. 

Voters can also use a worksheet in the printed voters' guide to mark their choices, then take their completed worksheet to the voting place.

When and where to vote

Citizens can vote on the following nine days in October:

  • Advance voting: October 10 to 17, 8am to 8pm
  • Election day: October 20, 8am to 8pm

Voters can vote at any location that is open on the day they choose to vote. For advance voting, 12 voting places will be open across Vancouver, the most advance locations ever in a Vancouver city election. On election day, more than 100 voting places will be open. 

For voters who cannot vote in-person, other options are available, including voting by mail.