Voting hours extended at 4 out of 117 voting locations

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November 15 2014 –

The 2014 municipal election in the City of Vancouver has had a very significant turnout in voters. We have received a number of questions in regard to the closing of polls. The Vancouver Charter and the City Election Bylaw governs these procedures.

The Vancouver Charter provides that at the close of polls (8:00pm) everyone that is in line either inside or outside the voting station will be permitted to vote. The poll will close when the last person has voted, no matter how long that takes. 

Voting locations where hours have been extended

The Chief Election Officer reviews all polls to assess whether there has been any adjournment (interruption) of voting. In four voting stations today where there was a very heavy turnout, there was a short period of time during which voters had to wait for ballots to be restocked. The Chief Election Officer has authority to extend the voting period if there has been an adjournment of proceedings at any voting place.

In this situation, the short adjournment will be associated with a delayed closure of 4 out of 117 polls to compensate for the adjournment.

As a result the Chief Election Officer has directed that:

  • Killarney Community Centre will remain open a further 15 minutes to 8:15pm
  • Britannia Community Centre and Oakridge Centre voting stations will remain open a further 30 minutes to 8:30pm
  • Hastings Elementary Community School will remain open a further 45 minutes to 8:45 pm

Delay of unofficial results

This will delay the communication of early unofficial results as counting of ballots cannot occur until all the polls close.

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