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Worm composting bins available for purchase

March 14 2013

Reduce your kitchen waste and help the environment by composting at home.

Worms and compost

Want to compost, but don’t have a backyard?

The City has a limited number of $25 worm composters for use in apartments. Each one comes with a bin, lid, tray, worms, bedding and instructions.

A one-hour workshop at the Compost Demonstration Garden is required with the purchase of your apartment worm composter.

To sign up for a workshop and composter, phone the Compost Hotline at 604-736-2250 or visit the City Farmer website.

Learn more about apartment worm composters

Worms and compost

Apartment worm composters

Don't have a yard for a composter? Order a worm composting bin, perfect for producing fertilizer to use for your house plants.