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Water main cleaning in south Vancouver

April 13 2015

Providing high-quality, affordable water is one of the City's priorities.

We are cleaning water mains from April 7 to May 29 between 7:00am to 3:30pm as part of ongoing maintenance to remove sediment in the pipes.

Our work takes place in parts of Dunbar-Southlands, Marpole, Fraserview, Sunset, and Killarney, as shown in the shaded area on the map below.

Areas to be flushed

We'll let you know when we're about to work in your area with a notice in the newspaper or your mailbox.

During this period, drinking water may be temporarily discoloured or cloudy. It's still safe to drink, though. You can also store some water in the fridge ahead of time.

To clear up cloudy water, run your cold water tap for 10 to 20 minutes after we're finished flushing the water mains near you.

Learn more about water main flushing program