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With rainy and darker days, pedestrians and motorists reminded to be alert

November 19 2012

People walking in rain with umbrellas

November is one of the most dangerous months for pedestrians. With the rain now upon us, darker, wetter days create difficult driving conditions, making it challenging for drivers to see pedestrians.

According to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), an average of 12 pedestrians lost their lives each year between 2005 and 2010 in Vancouver and pedestrians represent about 55 per cent of the total collision fatalities. Tragically, most incidents were preventable.

As more people are walking, pedestrians are reminded to take the following steps to increase their safety:

  • make eye contact with approaching drivers and/or cyclists when crossing the street;
  • use designated crossing points;
  • obey all traffic signs and signals;
  • wear bright or reflective clothing to be more visible at night; and,
  • be aware of surroundings and remove all electronic devices or other distractions when crossing the street.

Motorists are reminded to take the following steps to ensure their safety and the safety of others when driving:

  • obey all traffic signs, traffic signals and posted speed limits;
  • watch for and yield to pedestrians and cyclists at intersections and when making a turn;
  • approach intersections with caution and make eye contact with other road users;
  • do not pass or overtake a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian;
  • clear all car windows of condensation or snow; and,
  • watch for children in school and playground zones.

The City of Vancouver takes the safety of all road users very seriously, especially pedestrians, the most vulnerable group.

Safe streets are a priority for the City and the responsibility for safer streets belongs to everyone. Walking is the top priority in the City’s Transportation 2040 Plan, and the City is working to improve the safety and comfort of our streets and sidewalks for all road users.

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Dunsmuir bike lane, © Paul Krueger

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our Transportation 2040 Plan provides a vision for how people and goods will move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.