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Changes to your garbage and Green Bin pick-up service

April 16 2013

Kitchen container and Green Bin

If you live in a house or a duplex and receive garbage pick-up from the City, your collection schedule will change.

Starting spring 2013, your Green Bin (food scraps and yard waste) and recycling will be emptied every week, and your garbage bin every other week.

Before your collection service changes, we will provide you with a kitchen container to collect your food scraps. A new collection calendar will be included inside your kitchen container.

Food scraps collected in Green Bins are recycled into valuable compost and soil for use throughout the region and is an important part of Vancouver’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gases and organic waste going to the landfill.

Find out when your collection schedule will change

Visit the garbage and recycling schedule page to learn when pick-up for your zone will change, plus get information on the delivery of your kitchen container.