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Personal trainers at Strathcona Fitness Centre

Our personal trainers are certified professionals who bring their own specialties, areas of interest, and philosophies to fitness.


Locations: Mount Pleasant, Creekside, Trout Lake, Renfrew, Kensington, Champlain, Templeton, Strathcona

Specialty areas

  • Older adults
  • Rehabilitation
  • Functional training

Education and qualifications

  • BCRPA Certified Weight Training Instructor
  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Older Adult Fitness Leader
  • A.C.E. American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
  • Standard First Aid with CPR/AED Level C
  • Fitness First Aid Level 1 and CPR


Martial arts, gymnastics, and hiking.

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 Not all Park Board trainers are listed here. If they are not available, the Park Board will try to match you with another trainer who meets your needs. If you want to work with a personal trainer at a facility that does not have trainers listed, contact the facility directly.



Location: CreeksideStrathcona 

Specialty areas

  • Functional movement
  • Strengthening
  • Flexibility improvement and postural correction
  • Customized programming
  • Fat loss and weight management
  • Third Age population
  • Sport/ performance-specific training
  • Powerlifting
  • Mind-body awareness through yoga and body weight training 

Education and qualifications

  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Weight Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Fitness Leader
  • Emergency First Aid, AED, and CPR-C


With years of tae kwon do in the past and her current practice of yoga and powerlifting, Flory values the mental discipline and awareness that comes with strength training, physical transformation, competition, and movement. She views sport and fitness as a way to constantly explore and grow.


Flory offers a space of non-judgement, safety, fun, and learning – for and from my clients. The health and happiness of personal life always translates into the wealth and success in the professional, but everything begins with the choices you make in the personal.

 Currently not accepting new clients.