Photo of Canada Goose swimming with a gosling

Canada geese

What you can do

  • Do not feed geese. Feeding encourages geese to congregate in populated areas.
  • Give geese and their goslings lots of space to avoid negative encounters.
  • Report nests on private and public property online anytime using Van311 or email

Canada geese are commonly found in Vancouver parks and across the city. Many of the geese found in Vancouver do not migrate – they are known as resident geese and are an introduced species.

Resident Canada geese feed on grass and use lawns, sports fields, golf courses, shorelines, and waterbodies as their habitat, resulting in disruption of park activities and damage to these spaces.

Resident Canada geese thrive in urban environments where they have access to food and limited predators.

Official City Bird

After three weeks of campaigning, Vancouverites voted the Anna's Hummingbird as Vancouver's official city bird.

Vancouver Bird Strategy

Our strategy works to create conditions for native birds to thrive in Vancouver.