Programs at Carnegie Centre

Carnegie Community Centre has provided social, educational, cultural and recreational activities for the benefit of the people of the Downtown Eastside since its opening in 1980.

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Seniors' programs

Carnegie offers health, recreation, and social programming for 4,000 seniors – two-thirds of our membership – in the Downtown Eastside. All it takes to participate is a $1 annual membership, and at Carnegie, you become a senior at age 40!

Arts and culture programs

Whether you're an artist, enjoy the arts, or simply want to try your hand at something new, Carnegie Centre has plenty of programs to choose from including music, theatre, dance, writing, and cultural sharing.

Recreation programs

Carnegie Centre offers recreation programs such as yoga, volleyball, tai chi, weighlifting, and seniors' events and trips.

Educational programs

Learn about Carnegie Centre's education programs and resources, including one-on-one tutoring at the Learning Centre, and the Carnegie Branch Library and reading room.


Find out what Carnegie Community Centre programs need volunteers, how to sign up for a volunteer orientation session, and the benefits of volunteering at Carnegie.

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Help Carnegie deliver programs by making a tax-deductible donation to the Carnegie Community Centre Association. Mail a cheque to Carnegie Community Centre Association, or  donate now using PayPal.

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