Carnegie Centre seniors' programs and services

Carnegie offers health, recreation, and social programming for 4,000 seniors – two-thirds of our membership – in the Downtown Eastside.

All it takes to participate is a $1 annual membership, and at Carnegie, you become a senior at age 40!

Take part in our seniors programs

Download the seniors' program guide.

Monthly meetings

Seniors hold a monthly meeting on the third Thursday at 2pm, in the Carnegie theatre to:

  • Review out-trips
  • Decide how to spend funds
  • Receive updates on community and centre events

Annual dinners

Our seniors' program hosts two annual dinners at Christmas and Chinese New Year.


Carnegie's seniors' program is unique in the community centre, as members raise funds to support the program through coffee sales. Half of the money raised goes into replenishing stock, while the remainder is spent on activities such as:

  • Day trips
  • Cable and newspapers
  • Small stipends for hospitalized seniors

The seniors also contribute funds to other Carnegie events such as the children’s Christmas party, February 14 Women’s Memorial March, and National Indigenous Peoples Day.

The ever-popular bingo can always use small, new, and fun items for prizes.