Pilot project to begin at 3 parks for dog waste collection

Dog waste collection

Pilot project

We're piloting a dog waste collection program. Red dog waste collection carts will be located at the following park locations:

  • Charleson Park
  • Coopers Park
  • Grimmett Park
  • John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park
  • Hinge Park
  • Nelson Park
  • Sunset Beach Park

Our dog waste collection pilot project was started in summer 2016. Bins are emptied once a week by a third party contractor. At this time, there are no plans to expand the program.

Dog waste at the landfill creates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The dog waste pilot program aligns with our Zero Waste goal and will help to limit the amount of dog waste that ends up in the landfill. By providing dog owners with a convenient disposal option, the dog waste collection pilot will support cleaner parks, green spaces, and streets. 

Responsible pet waste disposal

Keeping dog waste off the ground is important. People walk on paths and parks and no one wants to step or slip in your dog's waste. It's not a fertilizer, and does not disappear in the rain.

Pet waste is the pet owner's responsibility and should be bagged before being placed in a red dog waste cart or double bagged before being placed in the garbage. The most important thing is for pet owners to clean up after their dogs and not leave waste in parks, green spaces, or on the street.

Help limit pet waste

To limit the amount of dog waste going to the landfill we encourage you to consider these alternatives:

  • Flush it.
    Do not flush any bags. The bags will clog your plumbing or the city sewer.
  • Call a collection service.
    Search the web under “dog waste collection”.
  • Compost it at home using a dog waste composter.
    For information on how to make a dog waste composter you can:

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