Educational activities in Vancouver

Educational activities in Vancouver

Vancouver's community centres offer educational classes, groups, and workshops for all ages and skill levels.

Some of the most popular activities are listed below. You can find other learning activities on individual community centre pages, or search educational programs.

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Popular educational programs and classes

Cooking and baking

Learn to cook what you love to eat. Prepare dishes from India, Korea, Italy, Greece, China, and more. Choose from adult and kids cooking classes.

Computer and technology

Ask an expert, or become one yourself. Learn about your mobile device, build an app, create an animation, and more. Programs for youth and adults.

Discussions and presentations

Meet in a group to discuss a book, a film, or a work of art. Hear advice on how to sell your home, how to parent, or how to stay healthy.

First aid and safety

Learn basic skills, get hands-on training, and update your certification. Check out courses for babysitters, babies and children, and more.


Learn about growing vegetables, community gardens, public gardens, and more. Tour a farm, pick blackberries, grow your next meal.

Health and wellness

Stay healthy in mind and body. Try a meditation or aromatherapy class. Take care of your blood pressure, heart, feet, pain issues, and more.

Homework and tutoring

Get help with your homework, improve your study skills, or get one-to-one tutoring. Learn how to journal, tell a story, or solve math problems.

Languages and ESL

Learn a new language, practise English, and meet people interested in other languages including French, Spanish, Mandarin, and more.


Invest in your future by building your confidence, communications skills, motivation, and initiative. Be a mentor, or learn from one.

Learning through play

Stimulate and develop the children in your life with fun, playful activities that encourage listening, sharing, singing, building, and more.

Legal and financial

Learn tips and tricks from the experts. Get advice on real estate, investments, retirement, business, legal issues, household budgeting, and more.

Job preparedness and skills training

Sharpen your workplace skills from job seeking and interview workshops to training and upgrade programs. Get FOODSAFE certification in a day.

Math, science, and English

Explore the hidden worlds of nature, laboratories, and literature. Help kids learn how to count, pronounce a consonent, and make goo.


Join other adults and learn about the newborn, baby, child, tweens and teens in your life. Prepare for a new baby, play with sign language, and more.

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