Evelyn Seller Centre front entrance

Evelyne Saller Centre

The Evelyne Saller Centre provides a variety of services to low income and at risk adults living in the Downtown Eastside. The centre supports the physical, mental, and social well-being of community members to enhance their quality of life.

Facilities at the Evelyne Saller Centre include a low-cost cafeteria, free showers and laundry service.

Hours, location, contact info

Find out where the Evelyne Saller Centre is located, how to contact us, and hours for all services.

Health services

We provide necessary services to the community including shower services, laundry services, and health support services including delousing.


The Evelyne Saller Centre cafeteria is open daily and serves $2 full-course meals.


Free WiFi is available at this location.

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Paying for meals

If you cannot afford to pay for a meal, the Ministry of Housing and Social Development can provide you with meal vouchers.

Meals can be:

  • Paid directly with cash
  • Prepaid by opening and depositing money into a client trust account
  • Paid with meal vouchers, or with funds deposited by a Ministry of Housing and Social Development worker into a client trust account

Contact us

General inquiries: evelynesallercentre@vancouver.ca
Volunteer inquiries: esc.volunteerprogram@vancouver.ca

Phone: 604-665-3075
Fax: 604-606-2671

404 Alexander St
Vancouver BC, V6A 1C5

Thank you, Evelyne

Evelyne Saller

Evelyne Saller — founder of the 44 Club later renamed the Evelyne Saller Centre — mentor to hundreds, beloved to many more living in the Downtown Eastside community.

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