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Enjoy your favourite team sport on one of Vancouver's many outdoor facilities. The city has 153 playing fields ranging from regulation-size grass fields and synthetic turf to gravel fields. 

Most Park Board fields, courts, diamonds, and outdoor facilities are available for casual use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The exception is synthetic turf fields (which require a permit), regular fields reserved by a permit-holder, and fields that are closed for maintenance.

Reserve a sport field or court

Use a sport field without reservation

Rates for reserving outdoor facilities

Field rental rates

Find rates for reserving sport facilities, such as fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and squash and racquetball courts.

Field, court, and diamond activities

Ball, field, and floor hockey

Find out about playing ball hockey, floor hockey, street hockey, and field hockey in Vancouver. Join a team, take a class, or find a field or gym where you can play.

Baseball, softball, and t-ball

Vancouver offers numerous softball and baseball diamonds throughout the city including the Nat Bailey Stadium which hosts the Vancouver Canadians and UBC Thunderbirds. You can also join at softball teams or leagues or sign up for classes with many community centres in Vancouver.

Racquetball and squash

The Vancouver Park Board has 8 racquetball or squash courts in 6 different community centres. Find out where you can play and take lessons in these high-paced, aerobic sports.


In Vancouver, soccer has one of the longest playing seasons of any sport. Whether you want to find a soccer field, sign up for lessons, join a team or league, or just find out who to watch and where, there are many opportunities to enjoy soccer in Vancouver.


Whether you are a beginner or experienced tennis player, you will find lots of opportunities to play in Vancouver. Find a tennis court, sign up for tennis lessons, or join a tennis club.


Vancouver has many options for playing volleyball. Find out about using indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, joining a volleyball league, or taking a volleyball course or workshop.

Join the Vancouver Field Sports Federation

Vancouver Field Sports Federation

Learn about the Field Sports Federation and become a member of the Federation to help keep Vancouver’s playing fields in good condition.

Find out about Vancouver Sport Hosting Grants

Sport hosting grants

Provides financial support for sporting events that might bring significant direct and indirect economic, social, health, and community development benefits to Vancouver

Contact the Park Board

Questions about permits, insurance, or reserving an outdoor Parks facility?
Fax: 604-257-8501

Private recreation activities

Want to host a private or commercial recreational activity in a Vancouver park? Find out if you need a permit and how to get one.

Smoke-free parks since 2010

About the smoking bylaw

Parks and recreation for all

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

About the Park Board

Read the report

Playing Field Renewal Plan  (2002, 30 pages).

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