Grays Park lawn bowling clubhouse building

Grays Park clubhouse deconstruction

The existing Grays Park lawn bowling clubhouse building is no longer active due to structural and environmental issues and has been deemed unsafe for occupancy. The building, as well as other existing lawn bowling site elements including a storage shed, walkways, and site furnishings will be deconstructed and replaced with accessible, open greenspace for passive flexible community use.

The park’s separate washroom building, picnic shelter, and other amenities will remain in place and continue to serve the community, and will not be impacted by the deconstruction. The existing parking lot is being used for construction staging in order to minimize impacts to the rest of the park, and will be reinstated for use once the project is completed.

Deconstruction began early this summer and is expected to be completed by fall with the impacted area being returned to public use by spring 2023.

Onsite information sessions

Park Board staff met with residents and Grays Park users in the park on July 5 and 9, 2022, to respond to questions related to the former lawn bowling facility deconstruction. 

What's happeningSpring 2023 update

The grass seed has established through the winter and spring months, construction fencing has been removed, and the area is now open for public use.

Fall 2022 update

Abatement, deconstruction, and site grading works are now completed. 

Growing medium has been placed across the site and hydro-seeding has been applied. Seed establishment will occur through the fall and winter months, and a second application of seed will occur in the spring of 2023. Once established, we will open the area to the public.

Summer 2022 update

Abatement work within the clubhouse building was completed and the building structure, along with lawn bowling site elements (storage shed, walkways, fencing and site furnishings) was deconstructed and removed from site. 

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