What to see

Come explore the ecologically rich, beautiful green space at Hastings Park:

  • The Sanctuary and Creekway Park invite you for excellent bird-watching opportunities
  • Delight your senses and find quiet reflection at Il Giardino Italiano and Momiji Gardens
  • Be inspired by the Landy Bannister sculpture commemorating the Miracle Mile

Hastings Park has something for everyone.

Gardens and open space

Italian Gardens in Hastings Park Il Giardino Italiano

Come dip your feet in the gushing fountains or gather around the large feast table for a family picnic. Pick up a game of bocce under the grape arbour.

This Italian-styled garden features fountains surrounded by whimsical sculptures inspired by famous Italian operas. Pear trees and plantings of lavender and Italian cypress add to the Mediterranean feel.

A large children's play area is adjacent to the garden.



The sanctuary is a nine-acre forested area that replaced the former BC Pavilion site.

Two ponds are surrounded by meandering pathways with bridges and a boardwalk – perfect for bird watching. Seating areas provide calming views over the ponds.

The Hastings Park Conservancy runs free nature walks in the Sanctuary.

Visit the Hastings Park Conservancy website


Momiji Garden in Hastings Park Momiji Gardens

Momiji Gardens is located on the south side of the Garden Auditorium building, along East Hastings Street.

This Japanese-styled garden reminds us of the detention and internment of Japanese-Canadians during the Second World War. Japanese-Canadians were temporarily detained in many of the exhibition buildings in Hastings Park before being transported to various interment camps around the province.  


Creekway Park Creekway Park

Completed in 2013, Creekway Park is located between Hastings Park and New Brighton Park and provides a safe pathway for pedestrians and cyclists to New Brighton Park and the waterfront.

In the park, you will find a newly uncovered stream that was once buried for 60 years. The stream now captures and filters stormwater and provides a rich habitat for many types of birds, amphibians, and butterflies.


Miracle Mile statue The Miracle Mile: Landy Bannister sculpture

The Miracle Mile is named for the one-mile race between Roger Bannister of England and John Landy of Australia during the 1954 Commonwealth Games at what is now Empire Fields.

The bronze statue honours the first time in history that two athletes ran a mile in less than four minutes in the same race.


Make your way to the park

Getting here

Hastings Park is located at 2901 East Hastings St. Get directions using a Google map or printable map.