Lost and found

COVID-19 lost and found policies

  • Valuables such as keys, wallets, and phones are kept for 30 days.
  • Items that may not be sanitary, or cannot easily be sanitized, will be discarded at the end of the day.
  • Owners of items carrying identification will be contacted within 24 hours of an article being handed in.
  • After 30 days:
    • Valuable items are sent to Vancouver Police Department
    • Other items are discarded

Reporting a lost item depends on where you lost it:

Community centres and facilities

To report an item lost at a community centre, fitness centre, indoor pool, ice rink, or golf course, phone the facility directly. 


Email pbcomment@vancouver.ca with the name of the park in the subject "_______ Park Lost and Found" with a description of the lost item.

Beaches and outdoor pools

Mid May to mid September

Phone the Park Life Guards at Kits Tower at 704-738-8535 after 11:30am.