Make a difference at the Gathering Place

Volunteers make a big difference at the Gathering Place

We rely on volunteers to fill many roles, and on financial support from donors to fund programs.

Our low cost programs and services would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers and donors.

Support the Gathering place – become a volunteer or donor.


As a volunteer, you will receive meal tickets in exchange for your work. We're always looking for volunteers to fill positions in the following areas.

Volunteering areas  Responsibility 
Kitchen Prepare food, bus tables, wash dishes, and bake
Cafeteria Serve food and bus tables
Pool room Monitor equipment and activities
Weight room Monitor equipment and safety
Games room Monitor equipment and activities
Reading room Process books, manage the circulation desk and shelves, answer questions
Learning centre Monitor the computer room
Health centre Monitor showers, laundry, and free clothing room
Pottery room Maintain security of equipment and space (some knowledge of pottery is necessary)
Special events Help with community dinners, the Block Party, the Gathering Festival, and the Homeless Connect event

Our volunteer program works with local community colleges to provide practicum placements for students.

If you want to volunteer, come to the Gathering Place and ask to meet with the volunteer program staff. A criminal record check is not required to volunteer in our essential service areas (kitchen, cafeteria, and health centre).


We appreciate community support and donations that enhance our programming.

Cheques for donations should be made payable to the Downtown South Gathering Place Community Centre Association.

Mail your donations to:

Gathering Place
609 Helmcken Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5R1


Our community centres, which offer programs and services to low income and at-risk adults, are looking specifically for the following donations:

  • Mens socks, underwear, and jeans (size 32 and 34 waist)
  • Coats
  • Boots and shoes
  • Hats and gloves
  • Belts
  • Toiletries
  • Gift cards ($10 - $25) for downtown grocery stores, cafes, and pharmacies
  • Instruments, particularly guitars or horns for music programs
  • Chess sets in good condition for games rooms
  • Money to use as honorariums for training programs

*If donating used clothing, please be sure it’s in good condition.