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McCleery to Deering Island Park

The riverfront trails from McCleery to Deering Island are part of a larger network of trails running along the Fraser River from Boundary Road in the east to Musqueam in the west. This route will take you through the only portion of the Agricultural Land Reserve within Vancouver.

Route statistics

Distance 1.55 km
Steps 2034
Elevation change 5 m

Route description

This quiet agricultural area is ideal for those looking for a slower lifestyle within a major urban city. The equestrian paths, riverfront trails and quiet streets make for an almost zen atmosphere any time of the day.


Equestrian trails, compact gravel paths and city streets make up this route. There are no sidewalks in Southlands, pedestrians must share the roads with horses and vehicles.

Points of interest

McCleery Golf Course

Equestrian Trails

Deering Island Park

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