Stanley Park seawall

2023-2026 Park Board Capital Plan

What you need to know

The Park Board mission is to provide, preserve, and advocate for parks and recreation to benefit all people, communities, and the environment.

The Park Board is responsible for our parks and recreation services and facilities in cooperation with community partners. Together with input from users and partners, we set priorities for parks and recreation programs.

Capital programs are planned through the 4-year capital planning process, while ongoing services and work with our many partners to deliver projects are planned, approved, and funded through annual service planning process.

The service plan directs both capital and operating budget and is approved by the Park Board and City Council annually.

Investment areas

Parks and open spaces: $211 million

Recreation facilities (sub-category of community facilities): $329 million

Service yards (sub-category of civic facilities and equipment): $2 million

Questions or feedback? 

The next Capital Plan will be for 2027-2030. There are many opportunities to provide your feedback on parks and recreation services in advance of the next capital plan: