Park facility no-show guidelines

Due to the limited number of available recreation sessions and to allow more community members to enjoy our facilities, no-show guidelines apply to all registered fitness, pool, and rink sessions. To support this procedure, patrons will also be limited to one visit per day per facility.

No-show occurs when a patron is registered for a swim, skate, or fitness session and:

  • Attempted to cancel their reservation after the end of the cancellation time frame
  • Arrived late for their registered session and their spot was already sold to a drop-in customer
  • Did not attend their registered session

How to cancel your sessions

Effective May 8, 2021, customers will be able to withdraw online from all Park Board fitness, pool, and rink sessions with a scheduled start date of May 11 and onward.

If you are unable to attend your swim, skate, or fitness session, you must cancel in advance to receive a refund.


Cancel through your account at by 11:59pm the day before your session.

Read our online session withdrawal help-guide (3 MB)

By phone or in-person

Cancel at the recreation facility where you booked your session by 3pm the day before your weekday session (Tuesday to Friday) or by Friday 3pm for weekend sessions (Saturday, Sunday, Monday).

Refunds and penalties

Drop-in customers

When sessions are cancelled within the cancellation period, paid transactions will be refunded back to your account and credit can be used towards another booking.

You can call your recreation facility to request a refund to your credit card.

Pass holders

If you register for a swim, skate, or fitness session using your recreation pass but cannot attend, withdraw from the session online or by calling the facility where you booked your session. If you do not withdraw in advance you will be contacted by Park Board staff.

Missing multiple sessions could result in visit deductions or suspension of pass privileges.

No-show sessions booked with 10-visit usage passes

One visit will be deducted from your 10-visit pass and you will be informed by email.

No-show sessions booked with Flexipasses (1, 3, 12 month passes) or Leisure Access Passes

A progressive approach of warnings and membership privileges suspension will be used:

  • 1st occurrence: First warning
  • 2nd occurrence: Second warning
  • 3rd occurrence: 2-week pass suspension
  • 4th occurrence: 4-week pass suspension
  • 5th occurrence: 3 month pass suspension