Policies and guidelines for picnics

Picnics without permits

As long as your picnic booking is under 50 people, or less than 25 for Maple Grove Park, designated picnic sites and parks are available on a first come-first serve basis without a permit.

If a valid permit holder reserves the space, they have exclusive rights to the space and may ask you to relocate. 

If your group is larger than 50 people, but less than 150 people, you must book a picnic site online and get a permit.

If your group is larger than 150 people or has any additional set-up outside the permitted picnic equipment, you may require a special event permit.

Allowed equipment and barbecues

  • You may bring a barbecue, one small table, blankets, and lawn chairs
  • Your barbecue must be 75 cm (29.5 inches) from the ground and full clean up after you are finished is required
  • Coals must be doused with cold water and removed
  • If there is an extreme fire warning, both charcoal and propane barbecues are prohibited. Learn more about fire safety in parks
  • No barbecues are allowed on the sandy beach areas, and no fires are allowed at any time

Note that there are many tables available on a first-come, first-serve basis in Vancouver's parks that can be used for picnics. You may not need to bring a table.

Groups of 150 people or more, and special locations

If your group is larger than 150 people, or your picnic location is not listed on the designated picnic sites list, you may need to fill out a special events application and submit a site map.

 Note: The Vancouver Park Board requires 2 months to process special event applications. Send your application at least 2 months before your event is scheduled to take place.


No caterers are allowed unless you have a picnic permit.

Equipment and carts must carry or wheel in all items from the parking lot. No driving or unloading of supplies is permitted on the service roads or grassed areas at any picnic location. Also, permission to have up to two 6-foot folding tables and up to two 10-foot × 10-foot tents (no spiking permitted).

Food trucks are not permitted.


You may use a small portable speaker playing at a low level. No amplification is allowed.


Alcohol is permitted in designated locations at select Vancouver parks and beaches. Learn more about our alcohol in parks program.

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Picnic site terms and conditions

Find the Park Board's terms and conditions of using a designated picnic site in parks.