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Vancouver Park Board pop-up summer dance and summer family fun

Pop-up summer dance

Watch dancers, enjoy music, take a quick lesson, and join in the fun from  Hustle to Hoop Dance to Hip hop! 

Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Andy Livingston Park
89 Expo Blvd
July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 22, and 29

Thornton Park
1166 Main St at Terminal Ave
August 8 and 15

Summer fun in the park

Join us for drop in family fun. Playground leaders will be in the park with arts, recreation, and sports activities and ideas for informal family fun. 

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from noon to 2:30pm

Andy Livingstone Park
89 Expo Blvd
July 16 to August 30

August pop-up summer dance line up

Thursday, August 1 – The Dusty Flowerpot Caberet: Quality time with Napoleon Dynamite

Watch Napolean Dynamite's sweet dance routine and learn dance moves from the master himself. He promises it’ll be as majestic as a honeymoon stallion.

Where: Andy Livingstone Park

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Thursday, August 8 – Foolish Operations: Tricoter, interactive dance and knitting workshop 

Yarn and movement knit colourful choreography into an architecture that links people, place and dance. 

Tricoter recreates the spirit of a knitting circle with play, curiosity, and a sweet exploration of belonging to a community.

Where: Thorton Park

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Thursday, August 15 – Axe Capoeira 

Grupo Axé Capoeira is Canada’s first academy of Capoeira. Experience the history, music, art, and culture of Brazil. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed in the 1500s by African and Indigenous slaves in Brazil as a form of self-defence. It has a strong acrobatic component in some styles and is always played with music.

The word Capoeira is an indigenous word meaning ‘tall grass’. If slaves managed to escape, they would often use this grass to hide in and ambush their masters.

Where: Thorton Park

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Thursday, August 22 - Immigrant Lessons

Kevin Fraser and Alyssa Amarshi promote cultural pluralism through dance, music, fashion, and visual design.

Immigrant Lessons aims to create more opportunities for people of colour and marginalized communities in dance, stage performance, film, urban performance, concert dance, and community development.

Where: Andy Livingston Park

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Thursday, August 29 - Kat Single-Dain

Where: Andy Livingston Park

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Pop-up summer dance and summer fun in the park is a pilot in animating parks with informal, engaging activities. 

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