Queen Elizabeth Gardens

Queen Elizabeth garden destination walk

Located in nearly the geographical center of Vancouver at the intersection of Cambie Street and West 33rd Avenue, Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the most delightful walking areas in the City. The park covers 130 Acres, but a simple walk around the garden is only 0.41 km, or 538 steps, and will take you to the “top of the City."

Route statistics

Distance 0.41 km
Steps 538
Elevation change 4 m

Route description

On average the park welcomes 6 million visitors annually, and with the many things to see and do it is no wonder that this location is such a popular destination. Main attractions include: the Bloedel Floral Conservatory; one of Canada’s best indoor arboretums, and the brilliant quarry gardens. The seasonally changing gardens proudly display expertly positioned, specifically selected ornamental trees and shrubs, and have earned the crowning title of, “Vancouver's horticultural jewel”. 

The park also offers the chance to try many sports including: tennis, basketball, pitch & putt, roller hockey, disc golf, and lawn bowling. The location also affords ample picnic area, a serene platform for tai chi, and excellent night time stargazing. 


The gardens are wheelchair accessible by following a marked path. Please note that some sections do have a significant incline.

Points of interest

Bloedel Conservatory

Quarry and Rose gardens

Love locks sculpture

Dancing Waters fountain

Knife Edge - Two Piece

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