Ray-Cam Co-operative Community Centre

RayCam Co-operative Centre

RayCam Co-operative Centre is a neighbourhood facility on East Hastings St near Clark Drive. We have recreation and social activities for all ages and support services for individuals and families.

We offer out-of-school, preschool, and daycare programs for children, as well as a fitness centre, gym, drop-in lounge, games room, media lab, and multipurpose rooms. Outside, there are basketball and sport courts.

Membership is free to neighbours who live in the area. As a member, you can participate in RayCam programs.

Register for programs

Register in-person for programs at RayCam Co-operative Centre. Online registration is not available at this centre.

Hours, location, contact info and Fitness Centre

Hours, location, contact info

Get RayCam Co-operative Community Centre, Fitness Centre, and office hours. Find out where we are located and how to contact us.

RayCam Fitness Centre

RayCam Fitness Centre is a small facility with a weight room for community centre members.

RayCam Community Association

The RayCam Cooperative Centre is operated by the Board of Directors of the independent RayCam Co-operative Association and has agreements with the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board and BCHMC.

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Free WiFi is available at this location.

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