Riley Park Pavillion

Riley Park Pavilion

The Riley Hillcrest Master Plan (1 MB) was completed in 2014 and identified the need for a pavilion in Riley Park.

The pavilion will provide a lighted, covered space for community gatherings, markets, and celebrations. The estimated cost of the pavilion is $1.2-million funded through the 2019-2022 Capital Plan.

The pavilion was not built as part of the Riley Park renewal completed in 2016. Schematic design for the pavilion were produced in 2020 and in early 2021 a round of public engagement will be held to get the publics feedback. Schedules will be adjusted accordingly. 


  • Early 2020

    Schematic Design

  • Early 2021

    Public engagement

  • Summer 2021

    Detailed design and building permit

  • Fall 2021

    Construction design

  • 2022

    Construction and completion

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