Rink fees and passes

Ice rink admission fees

Single admission

Prices do not include tax.

Type Details and exceptions Price
Adult (19-64 years) 19-54 years at Britannia Rink $6.99
Youth (13-18 years)   $4.89
Child (5-12 years) 6-12 years at Britannia Rink $3.50
Preschooler (0-4 years) 0-5 years at Britannia Rink

Must be accompanied by an adult

Senior (65+ years) 55+ years at Britannia Rink $4.89
Low cost skate Find low cost skate activities 50% off above prices
Group admission (10+ people)   25% off above prices

One to two adults from the same household and their children 5-18 years old.

All family members must be present at the time of admission.

$7.00 (2 members minimum)

$3.50 per additional member

Skate rental and sharpening fees

Fees do not include tax.

Type Fee
Public skate rental $3.53
School skate rental $1.77
10-pack skate rental  $31.06
Sharpening $6.80

Each ice rink has a limited number of helmets available for public skates and Park Board skate lessons at no charge.

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Agency Pass

The Agency Pass gives free access to basic recreation services at Park Board facilities to some non-profit or government staff and volunteers.