Fraser River at Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park destination walk

The Riverfront walk is located south of South East Marine Drive along the Fraser River between Kerr Street and Argyle Street. The linear route is 2.4 km in one direction, or approximately 3,149 steps and is a fantastic option for those looking for a delightful waterfront stroll. The relaxing pace and consistent hum of activity in the area seems to be dictated by the steady flow of traffic in the Fraser River. With a diverse array of park amenities and several unique features, this area attracts people from many different user groups.

Route statistics

Distance 2.4 km
Steps 3,149
Elevation change 6 m

Route description

Walking along the north shore of the mighty Fraser River is a wonderful experience. The bulrush reeds and long grass at the edge of the riverbank provide an excellent habitat for water fowl, and spawning salmon. Often you will see people on the beach or at the end of the pier relaxing with a fishing rod. The Fraser River is a commuting corridor for hard working tugs, leisure boats and fishing vessels. Boat traffic is constant, travelling up and down the river, passing by the numerous anchored log booms. Your walk begins at the foot of Kerr Street near the pier.


This walk is wheelchair accessible. Pathways are a mix of packed gravel and pavement or paving stones.

Points of interest

Gladstone and Riverfront Park

Fraser River Trail

Fraser River

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