Stanley Park has an abundance of beautiful flower gardens. Consider visiting them between spring and fall each year to see the flowers in bloom.

What to see in Stanley Park

Be inspired by historic artifacts, famous landmarks, monuments, First Nations and other works of art, and stunning gardens in Stanley Park, a Canadian National Historic Site.

Digital map

Stanley Park is located in downtown Vancouver. Check out this digital map to plan your visit or route.

Enjoy history and natural beauty


Be sure to stop and smell the flowers of the many gorgeous gardens in Stanley Park. Find information about some of the park's most beautiful gardens, including the best time of year to visit them.


No trip to Stanley Park is complete without visiting its famous landmarks: Lost Lagoon, Siwash Rock, the Hollow Tree, Beaver Lake and Prospect Point.

Monuments and sculptures

Stanley Park has been the recipient of a wide range of monuments, sculptures, and plaques through its history. Find information about these points of interest.


Stanley Park in Vancouver has a variety of trees – some centuries old – like western red cedar, bigleaf maple, and Douglas fir.


Stanley Park's diverse habitats of coniferous forests, boggy wetlands, and rocky shores teem with an amazing variety of wildlife.

Take in arts and culture

First Nations art and totem poles

Discover the secrets carved in wood that tell the stories of the land and people who first lived, worked, and thrived on the shores of BC.

Malkin Bowl

Malkin Bowl hosts concerts and cultural events in Stanley Park. Find information about performances at Malkin Bowl, or find rental information if you want to hold a performance there.

Artists in Stanley Park

Remember your visit by purchasing work created by an artist in Stanley Park. Find the locations where you can buy these one-of-a-kind works of art.

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