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Vancouver CitySkate

Skateboard Amenities Strategy

We're developing a city-wide Skateboard Amenities Strategy. The purpose is to develop a long-range guide to achieve a network of skateboarding amenities that will serve current and future recreation needs of all residents.

Vancouver CitySkate will explore opportunities for skateboarding and other wheeled sports in parks, plazas, streets, greenways/bikeways, and potentially other public locations. The final product will outline a plan for small to large skateboard amenities that can help guide us as we re-evaluate our public spaces.

What's happeningPhase 2 of public engagement has concluded

Project timeline

    • Winter 2021

      Data collection, research, planning for public engagement

    • Spring 2021

      Phase 1: public engagement and outreach

      Seek feedback on how current skateboard spaces are being used now, and how they can be improved

      Get inspiration for future spaces

    • Fall 2021

      Phase 2: public engagement and outreach

      Present strategy goals and objectives

      Seek input on potential locations for future skate amenities around the city

    • Fall and winter 2021

      Creation of draft strategy document

    • We are here
    • Winter 2022

      Present final strategy to public and Park Board for approval

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