Skating in Vancouver

Vancouver has eight indoor skating rinks where you can enjoy a variety of activities on ice.

Join a class, join a team, train for a competition, or just skate around an ice rink for fun.

Skating lessons

You must register in lessons designated for your age group and need to complete each level, or show equivalent competency, before advancing to the next level.

If your lesson level is full, put your name on the wait list.

Students cannot be transferred after registration and will be asked to withdraw from the program if they're not registered in the appropriate level.

Get a free assessment

Not sure what level to register in? Visit one of our rinks during a public skate time and ask for a free skating assessment.

Skate rental charges are not included in skating lesson fees.

Helmet policy for skating lessons

You must wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet or a snowboarding helmet if you are participating in a skating lesson. Cycling helmets are not permitted.

A limited number of hockey helmets are available free of charge if you are registered for a lesson at Park Board rinks.

We also recommend that you wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet for public skating.

Discounts on CSA-certified helmets

Show a current City of Vancouver skate lesson registration receipt and receive:

Learn to Skate program levels

Preschool program levels

Level Description
No previous skating experience; may have trouble standing on the ice in skates  
Can stand up on ice in skates unassisted; can walk on the ice in skates  
Can skate across the ice and glide on two feet  
Can scull forwards and stop without assistance  
Can glide on one foot forwards and skate backwards  
6 Can glide backwards on one foot and do a hockey stop

Child and youth program levels

Level Description 
Limited or no experience; has little confidence on the ice  
Can skate across the width of the rink without assistance  
Can glide on one foot, forward scull with both feet and snowplow stop with both feet  
Can skate backwards, scull backwards with both feet and scull forwards with one foot  
Can glide backwards on both feet, do a hockey stop, and forward circle thrust  
Can do forward crossovers, backward circle thrusts, backward stops, can use outside edges 
7 Can do backward crossovers and stop on one foot

Adult program levels

Adult levels vary by rink. If you're unsure what level to register in, visit one of our rinks during a public skate time and ask for a free skating assessment.

Level Description
1 Beginner
2 Intermediate
3 Advanced

Find a skating rink in Vancouver

Ice rinks

We have eight indoor ice rinks. View their locations, features, and amenities.

Join a speed skating club

The Vancouver Speed Skating Club is based out of the Kitsilano Rink. It is affiliated with the BC Speed Skating Assocation, part of Sport BC.

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