The completed track at Templeton Park

Templeton Park Track Renewal

The Vancouver Park Board, in partnership with the Vancouver School Board, have completed the renewal of the running track at Templeton Park and long jump pits on the adjacent Templeton Secondary School grounds. The renewal improves leisure and recreational opportunities for the community, helps provide equitable access to these facilities, and promotes participation in physical activity. 

These improvements follow the recommendations outlined in the Vancouver Park Board Track and Field Strategy that identifies Templeton as a Category ‘C’ facility intended for casual fitness and informal recreation. This designation was determined based on the existing track’s non-regulation 300-metre distance and site constraints that do not allow for expansion.

Upgrades included:

  • Replacing the existing three-lane track surface with low-impact, rubberized surfacing
  • Designating lane markings to more clearly delineate two running lanes (interior) and one walking lane (exterior)
  • Adding a new stretching zone adjacent to Templeton Pool
  • Upgrading the long jump pits on the adjacent Templeton Secondary School grounds


  • Fall 2019

    Track and Field Strategy approved

  • 2020

    Design development with user and advisory group feedback

  • Late spring 2021

    Tender award

  • Early summer 2021

    Construction begins

  • Summer 2022

    Construction completion

Track and field

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