Cyclist and car sharing road with temporary bike path delineated by pylons

Temporary bike lane on Stanley Park Drive

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is planning for a safer, more accessible transportation through Stanley Park beginning in May. A phased approach is being implemented to transportation—bike, drive, walk, and roll—through Stanley Park in time for peak use over the spring and summer months.  

The interim plan features separated lanes for bikes and cars on Stanley Park Drive that builds on public and stakeholder feedback and user data to ensure safer access for all park users during a period when many Vancouverites are looking for ways to stay healthy outdoors during COVID-19.


A Board motion in March 2021  (160 KB) directed staff to put the temporary bike lane in place for the summer of 2021 and will feature some of the following improvements:

  • Physical separation of bikes and cars on long stretches of park roadways using a variety of traffic separation material
  • Improved vehicle access to Prospect Point, Third Beach, and Ferguson Point in response to feedback from seniors, disability groups, and businesses within the park
  • Continued access to bike lanes on the seawall for those of all ages and abilities seeking slower rolls through the park

Timeline for Stanley Park phased plan


View a large image of the Stanley Park road updates JPG (73 KB)

Phase 1: mid-May 2021

  • A designated lane for bikes will be created to separate vehicles and cyclists on Stanley Park Drive from Pipeline Road North to Second Beach. 
    • Set up will include cones and other traffic management tools.
    • Parking lot entrances, causeway access, and intersections will remain unaffected.
    • Signage and traffic management techniques will direct vehicles and cyclists through these areas safely.
    • In order to accommodate all ages and abilities, the seawall will remain open for cyclists, thus providing cyclists the option to ride on either the seawall or Stanley Park Drive.

Phase 2: mid-June 2021

  • Staff will evaluate the section of Stanley Park Drive from the roundabout (intersection of North Lagoon Drive, Stanley Park Drive, and Pipeline Road South) to Pipeline Road North. Proposed options will be reviewed with stakeholders on the east side of the park to ensure safety for everyone.

Phase 3: mid-July 2021

  • The cones on Stanley Park Drive (from phase 1) will be replaced with concrete barrier material and other traffic management materials as required.
  • Barrier material will be installed for the full length of Stanley Park Drive. The bike lane will be designed to include gaps and other features to provide access along Stanley Park Drive for Emergency Services, Operational access, and all intersections and crosswalks. 
  • Detailed designs for intersections into Prospect Point Café, Third Beach, Ferguson Point, and to the causeway will be developed in consultation with stakeholders.