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Help grow the urban forest canopy: Branch Out

The spring 2023 tree giveaway pilot is complete. Stay tuned for future opportunities to participate.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to urban forest canopy.

We gave away free trees to help grow Vancouver’s tree canopy and increase our climate resilience as a city.

Building on the success of past tree sales, where you planted over 19,000 trees on your own property, we’re asking for your help in branching out the city’s tree canopy by putting new roots in the ground. 

From juicy figs to evergreens, each tree planted will contribute to your neighbourhood’s microclimate and is a living, breathing symbol of your contribution to the overall health of our city.

Our urban forest

Vancouver’s precious urban forest includes every tree in the city – on streets, in parks, and public spaces, and in backyards – and is one of the biggest contributors to environmental and social health.

These thousands of trees clean the air, absorb rainwater, provide wildlife habitat, and improve physical and mental health and well-being.

Private property represents 57% of the land area in Vancouver and has an average canopy cover of 12%. Our goal is 30% canopy cover city-wide, so there’s a great opportunity for businesses and households to contribute.

Tree giveaway details

The trees that were given away were carefully selected to be suitable for Vancouver. If you are still interested in planting a tree in your yard, see the list below for some suggested species. 

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