Weight training

Weight training in Vancouver

Weight training uses weights, equipment, and gravity to build muscle strength. It can help you strengthen your bones, improve your balance, raise your metabolism, and reduce body fat.

Vancouver's Park Board offers weight training to all ages and skill levels. Get a free consultation, work with a personal trainer, register for a program, or join a drop-in session at a community centre near you.

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Weight training equipment

The following weight training equipment is available at many community centres: 

  • Dumbbells (3-80 lb)
  • Olympic bars and plates
  • Power squat racks
  • Glute-ham raise
  • Captains chair
  • Adjustable benches
  • Cable racks
  • Pec/Rear Delt. Fly Machine
  • Exercise Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • BOSU Trainers

To find out the equipment available at a specific location, contact the community centre or fitness centre directly.