Activities for children

Find fun games, activities, videos, and more, all designed to teach your child about energy conservation and climate change.

Esmeralda Superspy Planet Protector

Can Esmeralda Superspy Planet Protector and her sidekick Goober stop the Evil Dr. Carbon's dastardly plan to stop kids from walking to school? Join DreamRider Theatre's quirky superhero Esmeralda as she braves any danger to protect the planet from harm.

World Wildlife Fund's Polar Bear Tracker

Join two polar bears cubs fighting to save the polar bear population from climate change, and play the  "power save" game. You get points for finding things in each room of your house to save energy. 

EcoKids Site

Check out this environmental destination for kids with games, contests, colouring and so many cool ways to learn about climate protection and other environmental issues. This website is from Earth Day Canada.

Earth Hour Kids Site

Visit the "fun stuff" section of the Earth Hour website, and find a selection of games, activities, and fun interactive tools that will help kids learn about how climate change is affecting animals and other life on earth.

Office of Energy Efficiency Kids Site

Whether you just want to play challenging games or put your energy efficiency knowledge to the test, this site is for you! If you think that your friends and other kids in your class might like this website too, let your teacher know. The site also has activities your teacher can use in your classroom.

Global Warming Kids Site

This website has all kinds of stuff for kids wanting to learn about global warming. There are games, videos, music, science fair projects and even links to books and magazines.