City and other organization responsibilities

While the City oversees many of the decisions and projects that occur within Vancouver, we do not do this work alone. There are many different organizations and partners who help to make Vancouver the vibrant and diverse city it is.

Review the cityscape infographic with more detail  (153 KB)

Our role vs other levels of government

There are some areas of jurisdiction that fall under the federal or provincial government such as healthcare, the economy, education, transportation, housing, and others.

Although the City works closely with these organizations to advocate for Vancouver residents, we cannot make decisions on their behalf and have limited control over their operations.

We recognize that communities have called on us to enact more immediate change in policing, healthcare, equity, and other service areas. While some of the requests made fall outside the scope of the City’s functions, we are committed to advocating for residents to the organizations that handle these areas.

How our managers work together

Within the City, there are several different service groups (departments) which are led by general managers who report into the City manager.

The City manager liaises with Council and ensures that we meet priorities and goals outlined for the year, and make Vancouver a livable and vibrant city.

These service groups are each responsible for supporting the community and advancing strategic priorities such as encouraging the development of more affordable housing, creating a healthier and more equitable Vancouver, addressing climate change, and maintaining critical infrastructure.

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