Arts and culture grants

Every year, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board award over $11 million to non-profit arts, cultural organizations and artists through a variety of grant programs.

We appreciate the value that the arts brings to the lives of our citizens and the life of our city. As Vancouver author and artist Douglas Coupland puts it, "A city without strong, consistent arts funding is basically a parking lot."

See if your group is eligible for one of these grants

Artists in Communities program

The Artists in Communities program helps artists working with communities on joint interests. Check out our annual call for applications.

Artist Studio Award program

Provides Vancouver-based professional emerging artists with low-cost studios for up to three years.

Cultural Grants Program

Helps fund non-profit arts and culture organizations to present a wide range of artistic and cultural activities in support of a diverse and thriving cultural community. The program includes Project Grants, Operating Grants, and Annual Assistance Grants.

Cultural Spaces Grant Program

Provides support for arts and culture organizations to plan, buy, build, renovate, or expand cultural spaces.

Grants for emerging artists

Creative Spark Vancouver provides small grants to emerging artists to engage young people in arts-based projects. Find out more.

Permit fee assistance for cultural spaces

Apply for up to $1,500 in funding for permit fees to build, renovate, or adapt the use of your non-profit cultural space.

Cultural Learning and Sharing Grant Program

Helps fund non-profit arts and cultural organizations to deliver learning opportunities that will strengthen skills, knowledge, and experience.

Neighbourhood Matching Fund

Vancouver's Neighbourhood Matching Fund supports community efforts to make creative improvements to public land.

Theatre Rental Grant Program

Provides a non-cash subsidy to cultural non-profits to assist with the costs of renting space at City theatre facilities.

Untitled: Public Art Grants

Invitation to professional not-for-profit arts and culture organizations and local First Nations Band Councils to apply for public art projects.

Vancouver Civic Theatres Activating Spaces Grant

Apply for funding to reduce the cost to rent spaces like the Annex, Orpheum lobby, Queen Elizabeth Theatre plaza, and more.

Fundraising and marketing resources

Other funding programs

Find additional funding programs for your arts and culture organization from banks, governments, and organizations.

Advertising for arts and culture non-profit groups

Find out how your arts and culture organization can advertise in transit shelters or on a video billboard.

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