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Resources for Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Administrators

Find useful resources on this page to support you in providing high-quality licensed child care programming that promotes healthy childhood development.

Applying for City of Vancouver child care grants

We support non-profit licensed child care through various grant programs, as well as through supporting the development of quality childcare centres.

Learn more about grant programs.

Operating a City-owned childcare centre

We select non-profit operators to run City-owned childcare facilities at nominal rent. To be notified of upcoming operator selection processes for new City-owned childcare centres, please contact

Assessing community need

We analyze child population, existing childcare licences, school enrollment, and other data to estimate changing local needs for childcare.

We use this data to support nonprofit childcare operators in shaping new or existing program offerings, strategic planning, or preparing grant proposals.

  • This map (78 KB) shows the estimated percentage of need for child care which is currently met for children ages 0-4 in 2017, by geographical network areas.
  • This map (240 KB) shows the estimated percentage of need for child care which is currently met for children ages 5-12 in 2017, by geographical network areas. 

There are local variations in need and family preferences across the city, which are not reflected in the City’s calculations of childcare need.

The age groups with the lowest percentage of childcare need that is currently met are infants and toddlers (under age 3) and school age children (ages 5-12). The need for part day preschool programs (ages 3-4 only) is generally met across the city.

Indigenous culture competency videos for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs)

An understanding of the history and culture of Indigenous peoples is crucial to reconciliation. 

Musqueam Nation, BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, and Collingwood Neighbourhood House, in partnership with the City of Vancouver and other community partners, created a series of five Indigenous cultural competency video modules and an accompanying study guide for ECEs.

Watch the videos and read the guide to learn about Indigenous culture and history, and develop skills and get tools to teach young children about the rich heritage and history of Indigenous peoples.

Child development hub models

Learn about child development centres that provide expanded services for children and families:

Vancouver Neighourhood Profiles

The Vancouver Early Years Partnership and University of British Columbia Human Early Learning Partnership collaborated on a research project to produce detailed demographic reports for all 21 Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Compiled in 2018, the Vancouver Demographic Reports  include key data about children and families in the city, compiled into easy to reference documents. The intention of these profiles is to encourage thought, reflection, conversation, and the desire to know more and do more.

This information provides local planning tables, service providers, government, funders, and others the data needed to work collaboratively to make changes that will improve the lives of children and their families.

Social emotional learning resources

The PACE Program provides an intensive child and family program for preschool aged children (aged 3 to 5) showing significant emotional or behavioural challenges.

Mind in the Making - Essential Life Skills is a program that shares the science of children’s learning with the general public, families, and professionals who work with children and families.

City funding for childcare providers

School-age Care Expansion Projects Grant Program

This program offers small grants for non-profit organizations, to assist with the capital costs of outfitting rooms in schools to house licensed childcare.

Childcare Research, Policy Development, and Innovation Grants

Provides one-time funding for research, policy development, and related projects to improve childcare in Vancouver.

Vantage Point bursaries: Free professional development workshops and labs

Provides free access to workshops, labs, and other learning opportunities for staff and board members of eligible organizations.

Social Innovation Project Grants

Provides funding to social service organizations to turn innovative ideas into viable projects that address social change, create or enhance social inclusion and belonging, and help Vancouver's most vulnerable residents.

Childcare Enhancement Grants

Provides funds to non-profit organizations to support new and existing daycares.

Childcare Program Stabilization Grants

Provides funds for non-profit daycare centres facing financial emergencies, to help them strengthen their cash flow and better manage their money.

Childcare Program Development Grants

Provides funds to licensed non-profit daycares to help cover costs for starting new programs or expanding existing ones.

Capital Project Grants

Provides support for capital projects that preserve or increase the capacity of facilities used to address the needs of vulnerable communities.