Licensed preschool at community centres

Childcare in Vancouver

Licensing, funding, and subsidizing childcare is the role of the provincial government. In April 2018, the Province of British Columbia committed to the Childcare BC plan .

Addressing the high need for childcare

Recognizing that childcare is an essential component of community life intended primarily to support working families, Council and staff:

  • Support senior governments in meeting their goals for childcare 
  • Partner with non-profit organizations to deliver quality, affordable, and accessible childcare
  • Facilitate the development of infrastructure to support integrated childcare services, including licensed group care and other family support services
  • Use financial tools to leverage facilities and land, and offset some operating costs 
  • Provide grants to support qualifying non-profit childcare centres
  • Issue development and building permits for childcare facilities

What's happeningMaking Strides – Vancouver’s Childcare Strategy

In 2022, City Council adopted a new 10-year childcare strategy to plan for expanded childcare access as an essential component of the health and well-being of children and families.

Learn more about the strategy


Getting childcare

Find out how to locate childcare in your area, and get added to waiting lists.

Developing a childcare centre

Get our guidelines and best practices for creating high quality, licensed childcare facilities in Vancouver, and apply for available grants.